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Each guest has the option to stay in

Roomy Open Air Runway – great for larger dogs or small dogs with lots of energy.  (Runways are under open air)

The Open Air runway is 21 ft long x 4 ft wide, roofing covers half the runway for shade and shelter, each run has an elevated dog bed with elevated food bowls. Good for active dogs!

Large Indoor Run – great for small/medium dogs sensitive to the weather.  (Large Indoor Runs are under air conditioning)

The Large Indoor Runs are 6 ft long x 4 ft wide, each run has bedding, toys and elevated dishes. Good for small/medium dogs with less energy!

Each guest gets to run free and play off lead in BIG securely fenced yard 4 times daily plus 2 walks around our pond.

There is no extra charge for walks, play time or kisses!
The Open Air runways, Large Indoor Runs and Play Yards are continuously cleaned throughout the day.
We monitor both eating & drinking habits and possible changes in urination & defecation.

Please let us know if your pets have special needs.

We can give medication with directions and a prescription from your veterinarian at no extra charge.

Drop-off and Pick-up times

Drop off and pick up times are preferred between 10am and 4pm seven days a week.
Late pick up can be arranged ahead of schedule.

Veterinary Care

In the event your dog should require emergency veterinary care while staying with us he/she will be transported to your vet if close enough or:

During regular business hours:
Dr. Dan’s Animal Clinic  4821 SW 148th Ave • Davie, Florida 33330 • 954.680.5777

After Hours:
Hollywood Animal Hospital  2864 Hollywood Blvd • Hollywood, FL 33020 • 954.920.3556